Get to Know Your EI with SOAR DISCernIQ

Get to Know Your EI with SOAR DISCernIQ

I found a quiet spot over at the Starbucks that fellow Texas Christian University alumni Terrence Maiden and his team brought to Oak Cliff thanks to his development efforts over at the new Redbird Mall area–one of my high school haunts– while my daughter was in volleyball practice this morning (if you’re in the Dallas area, Southern Sector–go check out this revitalized oasis).

While I was sipping my chai, I took a demo assessment for our new SOAR DISCernIQ ™ Awareness platform which combines the power of the DISC and EI data for one of the most comprehensive, informed (on your DISC style data) and insightful reports I’ve seen in a very long time.

It is one thing to know that I’m a High I(influence) with D(ominance) traits when I adapt and “show up.” It is quite another to know how I interact when I show up and watch outs along the way.

Leadership research shows that 90% of what gets you to the top as a leader is emotional intelligence. So how might you tweak how you deal with people if you had data-driven insights on what could be a fairly subjective topic?

I’ve included an overview of the platform that is great for individual leaders and teams. If you or your organization is interested in what impact this new capability can offer, reach out let’s get you set up with a discovery call.

SOAR DISCernIQ Awareness Fact Sheet 

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