In these waning weeks of the year…

In these waning weeks of the year…

UPDATE: Price increases Dec 15. 2023! Save $100 by booking before then.

I’m immersed in the crucible of leadership development alongside extraordinary professionals committed to sculpting their influence for more impact. 🌟✨ Embarking on a transformative journey, the opportunities are endless. You just have to take the time to consider them:

1️⃣ Perhaps you are in the throes of Return to Office, or stand resilient against the impending or a recent storm of layoffs.

2️⃣ Are you aspiring for the pinnacle, of leadership, seeking to ascend the echelons of responsibility and claim the throne of promotion?

3️⃣ In the spaces that often overlook your brilliance, do you seek to fine-tune your presence, casting a glow of excellence that demands recognition?

4️⃣ Perhaps you are a visionary plotting your course to the E- or C-Suite…

5️⃣ Have a transition on your horizon, eyeing the possibility of a new role, contemplating retirement (early, forced or planned), or wondering how to become board ready?

Sign up for the SOAR 1:1 Coaching Intensive Experience—A month-long, 4-session leadership coaching experience bolstered by positive psychology and neuroscience and informed by results from the DISC Assessment and VIA Assessment of Character Strengths.

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