This Little Girl Was Me

This Little Girl Was Me

Best Selling Author Dallas

Or is it? Some think if not for the grainy image, it is probably my daughter Joni and for a great reason– we look exactly alike at every age.

This little girl never thought she couldn’t. She always knew she could, even when she was picked on by others. She always beat her own path and marched to the beat of her own drum.

Eventually, she would have something to say, but her M.O. has always been to push others out front to watch them shine. Whether producing the play in the college dorm, or getting C-Suite leaders ready for the Today Show.

But now, she has stepped into the limelight, but her mission is still the same–guiding leaders, especially marginalized ones, to step into their own power and lead like rockstars.

Their stories are even more amazing than her own…and her daughter is not only watching, but stepping into her own power–at the young age of 9.

💕Who would’ve known.💕

Encourage your girls. You never know what the future could hold for them.

Believe me, they are watching you and will multiply what you give them if only provide the opportunity.

Encourage that little bit of you to go do more than you ever imagined yourself.

Pick up my daughter’s debut children’s book No Thanks for Girls: 7 Ways to Say I’m Beautiful, Strong and Enough worldwide online and in stores. If it isn’t at your favorite bookstore, ask them to order it.

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