When it feels like they are coming for you…

When it feels like they are coming for you…

Are you facing a challenging time at work?

If a toxic boss or culture is closing in on you, there is hope; however, it is up to you to seek it. Hope comes in the form of opportunity. According to applied positive psychology, hope fuels goal setting.

So it’s important to have a vision for your life and work–a reason to look forward.When times get tough, refocus on your goals, then ask yourself, what opportunity does this challenge present that may not be so obvious?

I have clients call for emergency sessions often, and while we take time to explore what is happening and align with the reality of the challenge that is before us, we also take the time to look at the future so that we can place the current reality in its proper perspective.

A mindset shift can make all the difference in what comes next, how you respond, react or plan your next move. This dark space might just be the the moment that gives way to your sun.

Will you become stuck in the negative space, or are you willing to look for the horizon?

Daybreak always comes just before the darkest part of the night. It all depends on your outlook.

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