Are you the ultimate cause of your lack of focus? 🤪

Are you the ultimate cause of your lack of focus? 🤪

Did you know that you might be training your brain to be more distracted by “multitasking”?

It’s called competitive neuroplasticity, according to neuroscience, and it is the act of overloading your brain with too many processes. You brain actually re-organizes itself, training your brain to shorten your attention span.

Multitasking isn’t real either. You are actually task switching, and you may have gotten pretty good at it. But your work output may not be as excellent if you are switching too quickly.

Habitual distractions can allow for more space in the brain for more distractions…and your brains will organize themselves to allow more distractions—making it hard to focus.

What you might try is planning your day so that you can carve out time to be laser focused on one task at a time. 30 minute spurts may allow for you to engage The Progress Loop— quick, small wins that provide your brain with a dopamine hit that will motivate you to keep after the next task.

Hydration is also key to better focus, along with eating clean and exercise, even quick breaks for puzzles or play to sharpen your brain muscles between tasks. Remember the post about email dread? Turning off those notifications and not allowing them to interrupt your tasks is also key.

Don’t be the cause of your own lack of focus and productivity.

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