Sometimes we mistake the escape for healing

Sometimes we mistake the escape for healing

Women of color get Dr. Gay’ed at every level in business, in every industry. Everyone remarks on our unbelievable resilience. This isn’t an accolade. It’s is your indication to slow down, exit, put on DND and take care of yourself.

The healing work is the healing—not the escape; and that takes time.

Don’t let them confuse you with the praise for taking the punishment with the grace that you do. When we leave these toxic workplace situations, we’ve been hurt—even if we get the lump sum.

We are not made of steel.

I believe someone great once said that if they hurt you and you say nothing, they’ll say you liked it.

Do what it takes to heal the trauma. There is no real glory in the special kind of resilience they espouse to us.

And always continue to speak your truth, Sis.

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