Why doesn’t the corporate Wonder Woman get promoted?

We all know one… that high performing, superhero of a sister in corporate: Founded an ERG Seemingly, has all the right sponsorship Has parted the corporate Red Seas in her career the “Dora Molaje” of transformation… the “She Hulk” of getting business done makes it right up to the top three in the decision set for that next role …but she still doesn’t get promoted and remains in…

Meet the author? Yes Please! 📗

Save the date Dallas/Ft Worth! It’s time to meet the author. Coach L. Michelle will be reading from her new book, Yes Please! 7 Ways to Way I’m Entitled to the C-Suite the evening of June 16, 2023 at @Blacklit Bookstore in Dallas at 8 p.m. She will be joined by a special guest who will facilitate a fireside chat before she signs her book. Stay tuned for…

What do you deserve, Sis?

Uncover the power of positive emotion, self discovery and and the right mindsets to take you through some of the most challenging and isolating times of your life—in those “rooms” at work and even at home…on your way to the top. Seven affirmations. Seven secrets. 32 powerful questions. One science-based leadership book. Insightful storytelling. Stinging truths. Foreword by America’s Psychologist @Dr Jeff Gardere. June 15. Learn more here.

Call Up Your Confidence

It’s time you bossed up. In business, your confidence has to come from somewhere, and it isn’t just a feeling you have about yourself inside. It’s the proof. That’s what should power your affirmations to make your brain begin to believe and learn it. WATCH: Coach L. Michelle discusses three factors that will help you call on your confidence when you step in rooms that can be a…

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