Welcome to my little virtual spot on the Internet.

It’s probably been about two years since the first person asked me why I didn’t have a website.  It was after they’d been reading some of my original long-form content that had been amplified on social media but in many cases it was also living on social media sites.

In fact, all credit is really due to Luvvie Ajayi who frequently called me to task about it.  After I secured my domain names, upon her urging, last year—she pressed even harder.  “Where is it?”  “When?”  “Why not?”  “Why are you taking so long?”  “What are you waiting for?!”

For a myriad of reasons, I waited.  Many of them quite viable.  Others, not so much, but there was no doubt in my mind that it should and would happen.

Thank God for sisterfriends who always have your back over text, over the phone and in your DMs!

Timing was key.

Positioning was even more important.  This site is not a blog.  It is a hub for all of my content, so that entities who are interested in engaging me as a speaker or a writer or contributor have one stop shopping.  I also have plans for other stand-alone content that deserves a home of its own.

Something I considered sometime back is also true, and worth every creator’s consideration:  what if one day these social sites disappear or drastically change format?  What if there is no longer a place for your content?  Or worse, what if it just simply disappears off someone else’s servers? I have experienced this in one way.  One of the business publications that I work with leveraged Medium for a time.  When it moved off that platform, I lost a nice chunk of my work and still can’t find it.

Why not a blog?  So many people have a blog, and that’s fine, but that is not my journey.  Most of my work is for national business publications, and as I grow my reach with more of them, this will be the one place you can count on to find links to my byline all over the web.

You will also see that I will be launching a podcast.  It will be available on iTunes, but again, there is one place that you can find all of my content with no need to engage Google, and that is

A special shout out to Summer Galvez of SG Creative who did the dang thing on this site.  She did an incredible job, and I recommend her to anyone looking to build a web presence.  I also have to shout out my wonderful photographer Johnson Price of Price Photography (IG: @Jpricephoto) who has been in great care of my image since about 2003 when I was running my own agency.

This particular tiny space on my website is for frequent ramblings.  They are the type of articles you’d usually visit my LinkedIn site to take in.  Do you know that most of those articles are whipped out in less than 30 minutes?  And I typically post them on the run, from the road.  Thus the name.  From here on out, my musings will live here and only amplified on social media.

So thank you in advance for coming along on my journey.  I plan to have a little fun at the intersection of all things tech, culture and business.  Be sure to engage with me here, or follow me on my social handles because all those virtual roads will lead you here.

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