Ep 46: The Coaching Corner #4 with L. Michelle Smith

Ep 46: The Coaching Corner #4 with L. Michelle Smith

I started my first agency with only two paychecks in the bank. That was my capital. Laughable to some, but I wasn’t even certain that I wanted to start a business. I “fell” into entreprenuership after deciding to freelance. I’d made VP before the age of 30. I was young. Why not? In short order, my staff and I would celebrate reaching our million dollar milestone. We weathered some storms too. In fact, when the recession hit, I didn’t take a paycheck for an entire year to avoid layoffs. (But that’s another leadership story for another post.) In business, I’ve lived it. So what does it take to get more clients fast for your service-oriented business? ✅ Consistency ✅ Innovation ✅ Speed ✅ Diversification ✅ Systems ✅ Determination All good on strategy, LMS, you say, but what about the tactics? We’ll get into that. This is a rebroadcast of this #30MinuteMentor Masterclass which aired a few weeks ago. The video is on-demand at The30MinuteMentor.com. JIt is based on my recent Black Enterprise Magazine article, “Dear Sis,” which has been picked up and republished across multiple outlets. But we go a bit deeper. Hear more about my successes and fast fails. Register for the on demand video here: https://lnkd.in/esGXwWJ

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