Unseen. Unheard. How will you change that?

Unseen. Unheard. How will you change that?

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On my most recent venture out on the trails, my daughter and I headed out to a nearby state park. Because of recent rains, the normal trails were closed, but the park ranger said that we could venture onto some not-so-traditional trail that wound through an old farm property.

Here I am at Penn Farm in Cedar Hill, State Park. It was a beautiful day, and my daughter enjoyed looking in the old tattered stables and other shanties. As we approached each of the landmarks, there was a sign that explained the history of the farm which reached back to 1850. The signs detailed how the women and children worked the farm, and I have to say the red flags went off.

What White woman was working her own land with her children on land this massive back in the 1850s?

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Then as we approached this windmill, a big white house with a wrap around porch became apparent in the distance. As we circled it, I noticed a smaller white house in the back of it. Then I got chills. This wasn’t simply a FARM. This was a plantation. But where were they hiding the slave narrative. Clearly, slaves were a part of this “farm” and worked it day and night. My daughter and I enjoyed our time there, but I was then on a mission to Google the history of this “farm.” Low and behold, there were scores of slaves that lived and worked here, but they were hidden from present-day visitors.

I am telling this story because 275+ years later, I have clients who are feeling hidden, vulnerable, unsafe and unseen. Not much has changed. But unlike our ancestors, we have the opportunity to change the narrative by simply taking control of your journey.

Let me leave you with this question:

Will history require a rewrite in order for you to be seen for the impact you really made? What one step can you take today to ensure that you are seen, heard, valued?

If you want to walk through what that can look like, grab some time on my calendar and book a session.



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