Social Media Engagement that Matters with the Opera America PR & Marketing Forum

Social Media Engagement that Matters with the Opera America PR & Marketing Forum

Brand leadership depends on strategic communications, just as executive leadership relies on a well articulated personal brand and the ability to authentically and effective communicate. However, non-profits, whether they are in the arts or not, struggle with leading in their strategic communications strategies primarily due to funding.

Typically, staffing looks like this: one person over all of PR & Marketing and if you are lucky, these positions are actually split between two people; however, your social media function is typically only handled by one person, and the focus is primarily on publishing. More often than not, a focus on engagement, care and issues management is an after thought and reactive mode only.

Tomorrow, I’m honored to return in the capacity of Opera America board co-chair, and bring a fresh approach to strategic communications through the lens of leadership development for OPERA America‘s annual, global PR & Marketing Forum. It’s where opera companies send delegates to address what it takes to approach a holistic strategy to social media that is smart, efficient and budget friendly.

It reminds me of the work I’m currently doing with clients at Opera Omaha, as I coach key members of their leadership team to address more than just the strategy, but the fundamental organizational and cultural mindset shifts you have to be willing to make in order to tell a unified, thoughtful and authentic story about your brand.

If you are in the opera industry and PR & Marketing are your responsibility, connect with your executive directors in order to join me tomorrow at 1:30 PM EST for an hour of sharing and Q&A as I deliver a keynote on how you can coach yourselves to up-level your social media strategies to lead during these unprecedented times.


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