Get to know the “why” behind your “who” 💫

Get to know the “why” behind your “who” 💫

I’m sure you know about the Golden Rule, but do you know about “The Platinum Rule?”

Join me for a special FREE webinar to learn what it’s all about as well as a heartfelt glimpse into your distinct work and communications style.

It’s called “Who are you?” And it’s happening at Noon CST on Tuesday, Jan 30, 2024. Register here.

In this webinar, prepare to:

– 🚀 Embark on a journey to discover the “why” behind your “who”

– 💖 Embrace your primary DISC style

– 💼 Connect with your work style and communication nuances

– 🌠 Begin a transformative process to optimize your performance

– 🌟 Uncover “The Platinum Rule” and deepen your connections with others

We’ll briefly explore the DISC styles:

– Dominance (D): The fire within, driving results with passion.

– Influence (I): Radiant and inspiring, fostering collaboration like a true guiding star.

– Steadiness (S): The gentle breeze, nurturing harmony and support.

– Conscientiousness (C):The artist of precision, crafting excellence with heart.

Which one are you?

Don’t miss this opportunity to find out and infuse your leadership journey with pique performance. It’s also a preview into the powerfully insightful world of SOAR DISCernIQ™.

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