13 Reasons Why People Hate Posting on LinkedIn—and a Cure

13 Reasons Why People Hate Posting on LinkedIn—and a Cure

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You’re scared.  Admit it.

You’ve been thinking about it. 

 In fact, you have a draft post that you’ve been working on for months, but haven’t yet hit send. 

Some of you have dabbled on your camera phones and thought about posting that video where you gave some pretty rocking

tips, but then said:

“What am I doing? I’m not an influencer?” 

Are you lurking on LinkedIn, and hoping that somehow the business and people you’re trying to attract will just find you without all that posting and stuff? 

Some of you have your company’s hashtag and post for them all the time, but you’ve noticed the only people responding are your colleagues.  Is that really engagement? 

 Or just corporate rah rah?

Some of you have tried it.  You posted—to virtual crickets—and you wondered if the effort is really worth it.

You are not alone.

Some of you have said it before: “…but I don’t want to be *out there,* you know?”

To which I respond…but do you want to be found? That is the real question.

Talking to hundreds of clients and people I met speaking at more than 30 speaking opps over the past year, here many of the reasons professionals tell me they fear, and in some cases, downright loathe posting on LinkedIn:

1. My colleagues and bosses are there—watching and judging me

2. I don’t know what to say

3. I do know what to say, but have virtual stage fright

4. I’m not an “influencer” why would I try to sound like one?

5. I don’t believe I’m outgoing enough

6. How will I sustain it?

7. I don’t have time

8. My peers don’t do it, why should I?

9. I’m not looking for a job right now/happy where I am

10. What if I say something dumb?

11. I’m not currently at a company—what would I say?

12. I’m introverted. I’d need to be more extroverted.

13. I’m not a blogger, should I be?

Can you related to any of these?

The Cure

It’s time to get out of your own way and wield what is your very on social media real estate in a way that will benefit you and your companies and move to the next level of executive influence.

There really is is more to social media than event photos, ussies, corporate hashtags, group shots on a step and repeat, “food porn”, vacations and party pics, but how do you unlock the kind of content that attracts the people you are really after:

new clients

strategic alliances

industry peers

new opportunities

Read on.


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