NSC Personal Brand Builder JetPack Virtual Lunch & Learn

NSC Personal Brand Builder JetPack Virtual Lunch & Learn

Now may not seem like the right time to invest in your personal brand, but it is actually the EXACT time to do so. If the marketplace was competitive before, it’s 10xs more so.  With millions filing for unemployment, big businesses laying off and cutting back and no real end to the health crisis and economic unrest in sight.

I’m a serial entrepreneur.  I launched my first agency in the heart of a recession with only two paychecks in the bank.  I boot-strapped it, and by year five, we marked 7-figure in sales.  I’ve move in and out of the corporate arena seamlessly, never once doubting my ability to either get a great position or build a business.

Just 6 months ago, the experts were saying that companies were only going to keep workers between 3-5 years.  With the pandemic and economic strain, that time has been shorten and will continue to decrease as companies look to be leaner and more agile in this digital economy.

But what a good name will get you!

It’s priceless.

To support you in this area, I’m having a FREE lunch & learn where I will host an informal, LIVE video conference with a Q&A after.  I’ll share a bit about my journey and provide some tips on what you can do to add jet fuel to your personal brand during this unprecedented time.



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