Do you trust your gut?

Do you trust your gut?

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Some of the ANTs are there for a real reason.

I mentioned “survivor brain” last week. Imagine your ancestor, exposed in the bush. That sound of a twig breaking could signal a number of things. If you are a mother guarding her young, your first thought will likely be that it’s a predator.

That feeling in your gut is pre-historic, and it’s caused by the ANTs—the automatic negative thoughts. They prepare you to fight or flee to protect yourself and your pack. In coaching, we often spend a lot of time talking about how to control negative thoughts, but when you realize that they are there for a reason, you may think twice about dismissing them too quickly—especially when it comes to a threat to your well-being—-even in the workplace.

The one superpower we all have as humans is intuition, and when you realize that not everyone comes in peace, it’s advisable to tap into it. I’m talklng about your inner voice… that inner sage is good for bringing positive thoughts your way, but it is also the wisest voice you could tap into for dealing with threats.

Check out this Forbes article that speaks to how to leverage your intuition at work more effectively.

And Sis, it’s time you stopped second-guessing your gut.

It’s there for a reason.

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