Let’s kick off Black History Month DISC Style!

Let’s kick off Black History Month DISC Style!

MLK was a Chancellor. He changed the world while wielding a mixed core style of DIC.

Will Smith—Mr. Impulsive Social Butterfly himself? A high I.

Oscar-winner Halle Berry–Steady as she goes–a high S.

🌟 Ever wondered which famous personalities share your DISC style? Dive into the intriguing DISC profiles of well-known individuals and uncover the secrets behind their success! 🚀 Curiosity piqued? Check out this fascinating exploration here.

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Explore the DISC styles :

– 🟡 D (Dominance): Results-oriented, assertive, and direct.

– 🟢 I (Influence): Enthusiastic, optimistic, and persuasive.

– 🔵 S (Steadiness): Patient, empathetic, and cooperative.

– 🔴 C (Conscientiousness): Analytical, detail-oriented, and systematic.

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