Are you giving someone else the reins on your career? You just might be

Are you giving someone else the reins on your career? You just might be

I remember having a conversation with a trusted tribe member, a key member of my personal board of directors, after accepting an amazing role at a huge company. He was so excited about what I could do in the role, and I agreed.

Then I turned to him and said, “…but everything has an expiration date.”

He was stunned. He replied, “No, it doesn’t. You are going to thrive here.”

And I agreed that I would thrive, but that wasn’t the point.

So often we go into brand new roles, excited about the new opportunity, but fail to make crucial plans about how we will exit. The result is that someone else has more control over how we end it than we do, or we wind up frantically trying to leave when things get boring, non-challenging, or things go south. Even more often, someone else decides it’s time for you to move then puts you where they want you.

But what would happen if you

✅Visualized how you wanted the role to end?

✅ Put a timeframe on the new role?

✅ Set goals, then planned intentionally for the end we visualized?

✅ Start planning for the next opportunity?

Sis, these are power moves. Exit strategies aren’t simply for entrepreneurs. It’s not too late to being the process, so reach out to explore what executive coaching can do for you to map out this crucial career advancement move.

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