What are you waiting for? 🙇🏽‍♀️

What are you waiting for? 🙇🏽‍♀️

It may seem like an insignificant thing to cross off a list, but I always wanted to go off-roading. I also wanted to ride on an ATV. Recently, I was able to make both happen. I even crossed an ocean to do it, but it wasn’t because I sat back and waited and remained in dream mode..

Isn’t it time you addressed that thing you want to get done that has just been sitting there… or that new thing you just need to start?

No matter the case, you want to be a part of my inaugural Midyear Goal Calibration & Strategy Mastermind. I created it to accelerate your goal getting before the year’s end.

I’ll guide you through a meticulous seven-step process that will ignite your motivation through activities and approaches rooted in positive psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness.

I don’t know about you, but on Dec 31, I want to look back and list all of my wins and update that results sizzle reel from last year with some awesome victories and forward movement.

You get three live sessions with me and a group of goal slayers for less than the cost of one hour of my time beginning July 14, 2022.

You will…

✅Visualize and crystalize what your life and career will look like after you reach your goals

✅Gain clarity on your goals for 2022

✅(Re)Discover your strengths and learn how to leverage them to reach your goals

✅Uncover the values that underpin your goals, tapping into intrinsic motivation for speed and consistency

✅Map out a clear, attainable, time-bound and detailed action plan based on what’s above.

✅Identify the blocks and challenges and pick them off one by one

✅Lean into your new cross-industry community for inspiration, motivation, accountability and camaraderie

Look, you could do it alone, but why when you can go faster with a group of like-minded leaders and a credentialed executive coach who works with elite Fortune 100 leaders.

USE CODE: NSCGOALS22 at checkout to receive 10% off the cost of the mastermind!

Space is limited, so sign up today! 

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