TCU Gives Day

TCU Gives Day

I am a proud alumna and member of the Board of Visitors at the TCU Bob Schieffer College of Communication. I received my masters of science there, and spent the best of my undergraduate years writing for the Skiff, reporting on KTCU FM and writing for TCU Magazine (it had another name back then).

Last week in our board meeting leadership announced that I was named the college’s ambassador for the annual TCU Gives Day… as lead donor.

I was asked to speak on why I took this on, and the answer was simple:

Every superpower and connection I have today sprung from my time at Schieffer, and my career has been just amazing.

I agreed to be the ambassador because I had the chance to give back specifically to TCU’s student chapter of NABJ, where I first became a member at the age of 18.

Just reflecting 30 years after I received my bachelor’s degree, I have so much to be grateful for. And in a time where all things diverse, equitable and inclusive are being attacked, this is my personal little revolution… for a student like me… so he or she can literally WRITE their own destiny and include themselves… because they are entitled. At this point in my life, I’ve called upon every talent to help so many leaders make their way to the highest levels in Corporate America.

Hopefully this gift will offer these students even more of a chance to create the lives they dreamed.

You’ll hear more about the powerful work that the Schieffer College is doing in the lives of its students and how to give on TCU Gives Day beginning Oct 3-4. But until then, watch the video for more information on how to prepare for the specific challenge if you are an alum, parent or friend of the Fighting Frogs! #tculeadon 💜

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