One leader’s profound transformation began at SOAR ✈️

One leader’s profound transformation began at SOAR ✈️

Renda’s SWLA experience serves as a compelling illustration of how individuals can enter the SOAR Women’s Leadership Academy cohort with an idea about their desires and goals, but upon immersing in the experience, undergo a transformative shift in perspective. In her case, she re-evaluated her overarching Value (with a capital V) and a reprioritization of her personal values (with lowercase v).

Renda’s initial understanding of her aspirations and principles underwent a profound reassessment during her participation in SOAR. She engaged in a nuanced exploration of both her core beliefs and the specific principles that guide her decisions and actions.

SOAR played a pivotal role in broadening Renda’s outlook and encouraged her to critically examine her fundamental beliefs. As a result, she embarked on a deep transformation with a new journey ahead of her.

Renda’s journey in SOAR serves as an enlightening example of how individuals can undergo substantial personal growth and reevaluation of their values, ultimately leading to a more nuanced understanding of what truly matters to them.

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