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NEWS RELEASE: Coach L. Michelle and Dr. Jeff Launch “Coaching + Consulting”

News Release EDITOR’S NOTE: Smith and Gardere will host a private, online kick-off event tonight called “Happy Anyway” at 6:30 p.m. CT/ 7:30 pm ET.  DALLAS, TX, August 30, 2023 – Acclaimed author and leading certified executive and personal coach, L. Michelle Smith, have joined forces with renowned clinical psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere, also known as “America’s Psychologist,” to launch a transformative initiative called “Coaching + Counseling”. These…

Yes Please! on Perspectives with Condace Pressley

Perspectives S35/Ep26: Yes Please! 7 Ways to Say I’m Entitled to the C-Suite In YES PLEASE!, author, CEO and certified executive and personal coach L. Michelle Smith draws upon positive psychology, neuroscience, and the experiences of high-performing professional Black women, including herself, to reveal the seven secrets for success for the “double disadvantaged” in senior executive leadership positions, most notably tapping into positive emotion. Her book emphasizes the…

Yes Please! on Good Morning Texas

Author: Good Morning Texas Published: 2:31 PM CDT June 19, 2023 Updated: 2:31 PM CDT June 19, 2023 DALLAS — In today’s society, it’s easy to get so caught up in the rat race of it all – especially as women. Being perfect professionally and personally, and before you know it, we begin to feel burnt out and unmotivated – our next guest is reminding us to take…

LMS Talks Jobs, Layoffs and Generations

Coach L. Michelle made a prediction about the the tech layoffs and have a perspective on how we should respond on @inspirationforthenationradio this morning.

Coach L. Michelle Talks Peace & Productivity on WFAA Good Morning Texas

If there is an “anti hustle culture crew,” headquarters is located squarely in my coaching community, and I am the ring leader. We get more done by working less… and smarter. And we strive for uber chill… Here is how we do it. Thanks, @wfaagmt and @hungreehannah for having me on! Learn more about #TheSHIFTCoaching, check out the link in my bio. View the video here.

3 ways leaders can improve the way they communicate in challenging situations (Fast Company)

This is especially important during times where much of the interactions we are having are virtual, and social and political issues arise at work—especially in a multigenerational and multicultural setting. By L. Michelle Smith—Zapier 8 minute Read The year was 2015, and I was working at a large company. It was about the time that marriage equality became the law of the land. My workspace was not private—it…

Coach L Michelle Talks Relationships Based on Excellence with Deneen Garrett

It’s always a blessing to share my message with leaders, but when that leader is a friend and former colleague it is extra special. This episode of 💎Deneen L. Garrett, M.S.💎 ‘s podcast is called Relationships Based on Excellence, and while that describes how we know each other, it also answers a very insightful question that she asked me about how I consistently wind up in rooms with…

LMS talks stress management for leaders during challenging times

Tension continues to pile on with one headline after the other. If it isn’t a health crisis, it’s economic or the commodities we all need—not to mention the tension in our culture around changes that impact all of us in one way or another. On top of that, you’re expected to lead in your company, your business, your community, and your home. How do you manage the stress…

LMS Talks Women leaders on Good Morning Texas

Teaching women to lead. Why the phrase “No Thanks” could be the secret to success for women – Hannah chats with Author L. Michelle Smith about ladies in leadership. See the article at

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