EP 21: Authentically SHE Pt 3: Cheryl Grace

EP 21: Authentically SHE Pt 3: Cheryl Grace

“Nobody puts baby in a corner. If I can’t be myself, I don’t want to be there.” — Cheryl Grace, one of the most powerful women in media. (@powerful_penny)


And hey, it’s how I feel and you should too if you don’t already. This is the very soul of inclusion. Because authenticity really is about the various ways you show up and are not ignored, overlooked or written off as “not one of us.” Your personality, your style, the way you approach a situation, the way you work is all a part of that package. And if the space is not accommodating and pressing you into a monolithic culture, you kindly move out of the space. Grace says at that point she discovered,  you can no longer bring value or be effective.  A moment of silence while we all reflect on our present state if being in the workplace… now, plan to come along for this #womenshistorymonth series on The Culture Soup Podcast™️

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