How stress can help you to remember details

How stress can help you to remember details

Stop the note taking, Sis.

I understand that you want to remember everything when you are in that meeting; but not only does this undermine your position as a leader, it doesn’t allow you to fully tap into your brain’s superpowers.

Did you know that science has proven that the mere stress and adrenaline from key moments in time put your mind’s ability to remember in high-gear. In fact, you will find that the most high-definition memories that you have in life induced stress or caused your adrenaline levels to soar.

Like that time I was in NYC taking one of my favorite C-level executives around to deskside briefings, and the agency provided me with the wrong address to our first stop. Believe me, I will NEVER forget that day and every word uttered in the meetings we attended. (I’ll save the details of story for another post.)

But what’s Black about it?

This applies to any leader from most under-represented groups. Channel that stress from being the only one in the room. Harness the adrenaline that causes you to sweat a bit— you know, anticipating the mansplaining or even enduring it—to help you to remember the details from that meeting.

You’ll remember far more than you thought you would.

So put the pen down, and trust your brain to do what it does best.

Read more about how stress and adrenaline help you to remember in this Forbes article.

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