How to engage your brain better

How to engage your brain better

Are you too busy being busy in meetings to remember, let alone lead?

The responses have been interesting across all of my platforms regarding how the brain remembers, but especially what one should do in meetings.

As for the note taking, for context, this is the kind of

task that lands on the “scribe” in the meeting, and typically more junior, often inequitably, female professionals.

Sis, you have come too far in your career to do that any more—even if you are the only one reading the notes later.

And for my career newbies (especially my graduating university seniors), think twice about volunteering to do this. Starting young will cause you to be the mid-career pro who is wondering how to break the habit.

(Psst…there is technology for that! Have the meeting recorded. Take advantage of AI captioning/transcripting services that are already built into today’s platforms. The scribe is DEAD. Most people don’t have time to read all those notes anyway.)

Today’s #NSCJournalPrompt asks an important question about how you can replace that activity with something more meaningful.

In the meantime, check out this article on memory from The Leaders Tool Belt to get you on your way.

Here’s a bonus from yours truly as well: did you know that the top heads of the Fortune 10 engage play in the middle of their day to sharpen their minds?

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