Do you let the Internet get into your head?

Do you let the Internet get into your head?


Who else is exhausted with the Internet relationship gurus and all their advice? 🙄

👻 Ghosting

🍞 Breadcrumbing

💣 Love bombing

👩‍❤️‍👨 Attachment styles

📈 High-value-this

📉 Low-value-that

🦁 Alpha Males (*huge eye-roll*)

🧲 Feminine v. Masculine Energy

🤪 Narcissists

🪄 Manifest this…

🪄 Manifest that…

You can ever see tarot cards flying…

Tik Tok seems to have sprouted a garden variety of so-called relationship experts and their questionable advice.

Licensed social worker and trauma therapist deconstruct these gurus and some of their


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