How to get clearer on the monkey business

How to get clearer on the monkey business

Can you see the 500,000 pound gorilla pacing your floor?

Inattentive blindness can be a hindrance to you in the workplace because it causes us not to see the larger context when we are super focused on what is in front of us.

Today’s #NSCJournalPrompt asks a probing question that will help you to be intentional when attempting to navigate the monkey business that happens in every workplace.

I hear you. You try to steer clear of office politics. But is it steering clear of you? Where two or three people are gathered in the name of business—there will be a politic, good, bad or otherwise. So it’s probably best to understand the entire context in which you operate, and act accordingly.

Check out this Linkedin article on how this lack of awareness could tank your leadership aspirations like it has downed planes and caused automobile accidents.

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