Happy Pub Day, Yes Please! 🥳

Happy Pub Day, Yes Please! 🥳

Dear friends…

When I decided to write Yes Please! 7 Ways to Say I’m Entitled to the C-Suite, I had one mission in mind: to explore the emotional state of women of color especially Black women in the corporate realm and explore what it actually takes to weather the challenges that more often than not weed most of them out of the leadership pipeline on the way to the C-Suite.

With only 7% women of color in C-Suite roles in the Fortune 500 and only two Black women in the top spot, we go deeper into the mental fortitude it takes to remain, plot the course and sustain.

The truth is, Black women leaders get push out, leave or are pulled out of the leadership pipeline more than any other group according to research, and just as I address the whole person in my private practice, we take a look at the entire environment—both at home and at work and note several things those who actually make it have in common:

📗The unique way they handle the challenges when they come

📗Their shared antagonist (and it isn’t any one person or group)

📗The way they carry their “burden of resilience”

📗Empathetic partners

You see… there isn’t simply one or two moments of unhappiness for these proven, extraordinary women. I know, not only from experience, but because of my own research and the daily conversations I have with these women leaders, and their reasons are also the same…different names, faces, companies and parts of the country…but the stories are all stunningly similar.

This unique business book centers women of color and doesn’t simply contain personal advice based merely on the experiences or passed-along advice. That isn’t to take away from the books that do, it’s just a reflection of the reality of high-performing Black women leaders–and Black women authors writing leadership books, for that matter. There aren’t many. Mid-career leaders, of color or not, rarely obtain access to the evidence-based, science-based strategies that I share in Yes Please! And these are endorsed by a clinical psychologist. (Thanks, Dr. Jeff!)

It’s hard to be it, because we can’t actually see it….let alone access it.

But now…there’s actually a culturally-nuanced and gender-specific leadership development tool. The insights are intersectional…and the strategies are also inclusive.

Allies, you will walk away a better leader for reading it, not simply a better ally, because my core premise still remains:

Solve for the double outsider, solve for any and EVERYone.

I invite you to pick up a copy or two, or three for you, colleagues, family members, mentees and friends.

My first book, No Thanks, continues to impact thousands on thousands. And I’m willing to bet that Yes Please! will impact even more.

Thanks for your support,

Coach L. Michelle

Get the book.

P.S. Don’t forget to join us for the launch event at 7 p.m. CT tonight, on Linkedin LIVE, Youtube and FacebookLIVE.

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