Get to know yourself better in 2024 with SOAR DISCernIQ™️ 📊

Get to know yourself better in 2024 with SOAR DISCernIQ™️ 📊

Watch the webinar.  Take a brief sample DISC Quiz to participate.

NSC Coaching has a new offering for 2024 that bolsters our data-driven insights and evidence-based approach.

This capability is a hybrid offering that equips leaders and teams with powerful tools for enhanced communication and peak performance.

I’m thrilled to share SOAR DISCernIQ™️, a cutting-edge program that leverages an insightful digital platform DiSC personality assessment combined with training and coaching offerings to enhance leadership development.

🌐 What is SOAR DISCernIQ™️? It’s more than just a digital platform—it’s a transformative journey that begins with self-discovery and extends to unlocking the full potential of your leaders and teams. The DiSC assessment provides invaluable insights into communication styles, conflict resolution and individual productivity.

🔍 Why is DISC important for your workplace?

1. Learn About Yourself: If you want to amp up your EQ, you’ll gain clarity on conflict resolution, stress triggers, communication preferences, and problem-solving approaches. Enhance self-awareness and guide your colleagues on effective engagement.

2. Improve Leadership: Understanding your own strengths is vital, but true leadership involves understanding and accommodating your team’s diverse personalities. SOAR DISCernIQ™️ empowers leaders to create environments that boost productivity and morale.

3. Enhance Conflict Resolution: Acknowledge and embrace the diversity within your team. Use DiSC insights to turn conflicts into opportunities for growth, fostering closer collaboration and improved results.

4. Improve Teamwork: For seamless collaboration, it’s crucial to understand your peers. SOAR DISCernIQ™️ helps you navigate team dynamics, ensuring projects are executed successfully and on schedule.

5. Boost External Relationships: Extend the benefits of DiSC to customer interactions. Recognize and respond to your clients’ unique personalities, enhancing communication and influencing positive outcomes.

Book your exploratory session now to kickstart 2024 with a dynamic (and fun) leadership development experience in Q1.

I hope that each of you will take the next step in your self-discovery journey by diving in with both feet into SOAR DISCernIQ.
There are a few ways:
  • SOAR DISCernIQ: 1:1 Consult and Coaching—The assessment and 90 minutes with me to debrief and plot your way forward. We launched this program during the second week of January, and already dozens of leaders have experienced the transformation in the way they perform and interact with others.  Book now.
  • SOAR 1:1 Coaching Intensive—The assessment along with VIA Character Strengths kicks off this one month engagement.  Four 50-minute sessions add jet fuel to your leadership journey and goals.   We launched this program in December, and multiple leaders rave over it and have renewed to knock out their next goal! Book Now.
  • SOAR Women’s Leadership Academy: The 25% off tuition for this six month, hybrid experience that now includes SOAR DISCernIQ ends tonight at midnight.  Get your company to sponsor you, or make a personal investment.  Here are three happy graduates from our inaugural class who have experienced three different kinds of transformation. Secure your slot.

Let’s unlock the potential within you and your teams! 🚀✨

Downloads: SOAR DISCernIQ Workshops

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