Dear, Sis…your ‘procrastination’ may be overwhelm

Dear, Sis…your ‘procrastination’ may be overwhelm

Dear Sis….

Are you a high achieving, high performer that typically gets things done, but have found that recently, you’ve been putting things off? 

This is a realization that I had about myself some time ago because whenever others said they were procrastinating, it was a term that simply didn’t resonate with me.  

After all, I was the one who didn’t just get one thing done with excellence.  I would get five things done, simultaeously while working toward other goals.  

Have you felt that way?  

And even when there aren’t a ton of deliverables on your plate, sometimes you just can’t get the engine to turn.  

You aren’t alone.  During times like these where there is crisis all around, are you allowing yourself the grace to absorb and process what is happening?  Are you expecting the same level of execution and performance from yourself when things were “normal?”

Although things have shown down a bit, and you’re working from home, you are juggling the demands of family and you still have some heavy weights on you, Sis.

In my case, after the semester ended, I made a decision to hold on to my Tuesdays and Thursdays instead of filling them with work, meetings and coaching sessions.  And just today, I slipped back into work mode and wondered why I was having a bit of writer’s block while I was composing what seemed like a very simple blurb for an e newsletter.

I sat and stared at my screen and wondered what my deal was.  Was I procrastinating?  Absolutely not.  I have a ton on my mind and in my spirit.  I took that as my reminder to put it all down.

While you may not have the flexibility to take entire days off during the week consistently, you can carve out time during the day just to releasee your mind and soul from the hustle and anxiety of this crucial moment in time.  

 We are in the midst of global unrest and a pandemic.

It is ok to put it all down for a moment.  It will be there when you get back.

Give yourself grace.  

*closes laptop*


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The U.S. Census said that black women have more advanced degrees than any other group, and still, black women struggle to get to the leadership ranks that have real decision making power and P&L authority.

But don’t get to cussin. Have an ask and a plan instead.

There is no better time than NOW!

Let me help. Whatever you do, don’t give it away for free, and in the name of Selfcare, it is not on you to educate everyone on what’s happening now unless you are in D&I, and if you are, God bless you. Your burden is a heavy one. I hope you have budget.

(Video courtesy @lmichellespeaks on TikTok)

If you would like a certified personal and executive coach to walk you though this time to ensure that you don’t get stuck, keep you moving forward despite the heaviness of the moment, grab some time on my calendar, and let’s talk about it.

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