Ep 23 BONUS: HBCUs: A Different World IRL with Dr. Logan Hampton

In part 2 of this double episode, I speak with the president of Lane College, Dr. Logan Hampton, about HBCUs, their place in American culture; their significance to black students, the importance of role models coming on campus to speak to students; the Lane College Leadership Conference and much more.

Ep 23: Communicating in a Different World with Darryl M. Bell

On my visit to Lane College, I got to know and speak with an actor from one of America’s most iconic TV shows, A Different World; a show, which along with The Cosby Show cemented Thursday night as Must See TV. Darryl M. Bell who played Ron Johnson on the show is also a producer and entrepreneur, and he has a point of view on all things tech,…

Ep 22: “Authentically SHE” Pt 4 with Danyel Surrency Jones, Nicole Lynn and Andrea Williams

Thrilled to bring you this “Instant Replay” of the Hidden Figures sports panel complete with an enthusiastic LIVE audience from the Lincoln Experience at The Star at Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters.  I had the distinct privilege of hosting and moderating this amazing panel of SHEROES in sports: Danyel Surrency Jones, CEO POWERHANDZ; Andrea Williams, COO College Football Playoff and Nicole Lynn, NFL Agent.  This special episode is brought…

EP 21:  Authentically SHE Pt 3: Cheryl Grace

“Nobody puts baby in a corner. If I can’t be myself, I don’t want to be there.” — Cheryl Grace, one of the most powerful women in media. (@powerful_penny)   And hey, it’s how I feel and you should too if you don’t already. This is the very soul of inclusion. Because authenticity really is about the various ways you show up and are not ignored, overlooked or…

Ep 20: Authentically SHE Pt 2 with Trudy Bourgeios

S O M E C O N V E R S A T I O N S are simply soul food. Wonderful chat with career coach @trudybourgeois who is the CEO of the Center for Workforce Excellence (CWE). She poured into me at the @elcinfo Strategic Pathways sessions at their leadership week a few years ago, and it was life changing. You will get to meet her in…

Ep 19: Authentically SHE, Pt 1 with Sheryl Adkins-Green, CMO Mary Kay

  Everyone who stops in on our show is a VIP, but sometimes we have V-VIPs. This is one of them, and she is kicking off our #womenshistorymonth series “Authentically She.” Sheryl Adkins-Green is the global Chief Marketing Officer @marykayus. She is the epitome of what it means to empower women to live boldly and authentically as she lives out the mission of Mary Kaye Ashe, adding jet…

Ep 17: Writing, Speaking & Inspiring  with Valorie Burton

If you want to hear two girlfriends just talking about life, writing books, speaking and just being our best selves for our families and for us, you won’t want to miss my conversation with the fabulous @valorieburton. She will be on the show Feb 21, so mark your calendars and tell a friend! #tech #culture #business#theculturesouppodcast

5 Ways to Power Up Your Digital Footprint

  Googled yourself lately? What did you notice?  Are you satisfied with the impression you leave for those who find you?  Are you non-existent?   In the article about “Un-Networking…,”  I shared the idea of being attractive. A good way to do that is to be intentional about your digital footprint. It might be the most efficient way to deliver a positive and notable personal brand. According to…

Ep 2:  Dawn of The Creators #BlackExcellence

Jaylen Bledsoe, CEO of Bledsoe Global Group became a millionaire by the age of 15. He has been making millions for his client ever since! Talk about #blackexcellence!  And we will.  Find out what Black Single Mom Magic has to do with it! It drops Nov 1. If you are still new to this, listen and subscribe. #theculturesouppodcast

5 Tried-and-True Ways to Build Great Business Relationships

(Image: iStock/mapodile) Building business relationships that will propel your career does not come naturally to most. Face it: superficial networking leaves some professionals wondering what could be a better use of their time. What is required in building great business relationships is having great people skills. Before you say to yourself, “I have that,” are you wondering what to do with all the business cards you’ve collected? Does LinkedIn still have…

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